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  • Careful What You Say, Someone May Believe You

    These words are about something not likely to do you any good – unless you are among those who write contracts for a living, or read them- and then only if the only thing on TV is the “Kardashians”. But if you have enough wine for something not often contemplated, this is for you. I’ve improved my talent for reading non-verbal clues. I’m now up to about 15% accuracy in deciphering what you really ...
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  • What is a "Non-Profit"?

    The law allows any one person to set up a non-profit corporation. I write this article because of the wide-spread misunderstanding about what “non-profit” really means. I can’t tell you the number of contributions made to non-profits because of a high-sounding name that causes people to think the company is religious, charitable, or educational. The internet seems to have made the problem even ...
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  • When Should You File a Lawsuit?

    [This month’s article is colored by having just finished two of the best written novels I’ve read in many years. One is The Rent Collector , by Cameron Wright. The other is Mary Coin , by Marisa Silver. Both talk about real estate in a broad sense, but more, by far, about human existence in markets none of us ever want to know. The books are available at a wonderful little book store in Niceville ...
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  • A Word to the Business World

    I had my first encounter with a proven, undeniable, thief today, who sought to steal money from our escrow account. Lots of money. Listen up, lawyers, closing agents, and anyone else who deals in bank drafts and checks. This guy could have done no more damage if he had shown up in the lobby with a gun and demanded cash from the trust account. A week ago I got an email from a person who said he was ...
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  • What's The Difference Between Working Out Your Mortgage And Going To War?

    The subject of this article is a one-time business executive, successfully retired. He left the workplace, which for purposes of local identity let’s say is military. He was a General Officer, making over a hundred thousand dollars a year when on active duty. In retirement he still is doing well. Between inheritances and savings, he’s amassed savings of over a million dollars and has a monthly ...
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