Summer Break Custody

Divorce is difficult for many people, but one of the things that can complicate it the most is when a couple shares children. While some people get to divorce and never need to see their ex again, parents need to keep seeing their co-parents whenever children switch from the custody of one to the other. Before parents even divorce, therefore, one of the most helpful ways to avoid conflict is to create a parenting plan.

In some states, creating a parenting plan is essential to the divorce process. Parenting plans allow both parents to negotiate the terms of custody before the process is even finalized. Not only can parents decide whether or not they will share physical custody of their kids, but it allows them to plan how transportation will work and how vacation, holidays, and school break custody will work.

For example, parents might determine they can share the summer break by splitting it in half; parent A gets custody of the kids during the first half of the summer while parent B gets custody during the second half. This arrangement allows both parents to plan around potential summer vacations without creating fights or conflicts in the future.

These plans can also help parents negotiate important holidays and birthdays. Will the child share his or her birthday with both parents or will they alternate years? The same question could be asked of national holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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