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Modifications to Divorce Agreements in Okaloosa County

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When a divorce is finalized all of the important decisions that are made about how children and finances will be handled go into a written agreement. This divorce order is approved by the judge and is legally binding, which means you have to follow all of the terms or you could face serious legal consequences.

Even if circumstances in your life change, you must involve an Emerald Coast} family law attorney to help you adjust your agreement. At Chesser & Barr, P.A., we help families like yours in Okaloosa County, Santa Rosa County, Walton County, and Bay County make legal modifications to your divorce orders. Contact us today.

Making Changes When Your Life Does

We understand that life can change unexpectedly, and you may suddenly not be able to stick to the terms to your agreement. However, it is imperative that you do not simply talk to your spouse and come to a verbal agreement - you need to actually change it through the modification process.

A few common examples of circumstances which call for modification may include:

  • The loss of your job
  • Significant change in income
  • Serious injury or illness
  • The loss of a family member

Can My Court Order Be Modified?

The modification process let's you account for life changes. You will need to meet with your Okaloosa County family lawyer to determine if your circumstances qualify you to make a change. Our firm is here to offer you the support and help that you need.

Modifications can be obtained for the following:

We are here to address all of your financial and related concerns. To set up an appointment for an initial consultation with a caring and knowledgeable family law attorney, reach out to our firm today at 850.610.7471.


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