What is a "Professional"?

In truth, I don’t know. But there are a few things I do know, that I thought I’d share because in this surprising economy I wonder whether there is a place left for someone who conducts his enterprise not just to pay the mortgage, but who seems motivated by something more lasting. Like the Supreme Court that can’t define the word, but they know it when they see it, I can define only by example.

I have taken my cars, over years, into places I cannot number or name, to have something minor done. I’ve had people sell air for tires, advice for noises, and I’ve been treated in all kinds of ways. I’m not completely unaware of how cars go forward, and stop, and some things in between (at least until they started being computer- dependent), so I probably have at least as good a history with repairs as the next person. But here’s the icon entered on my mental computer of such things that I want to share with my office and my friends.

There is a business in Seminole, run by a guy who started as a family business, who did something strange for the first time years ago, and since then has repeated that and other oddities too many times to count. I took my car there and asked whether these tires are wasted and I should replace them, or whether there was something else wrong, or nothing. He spent several minutes looking at the tires and said there was nothing wrong with those tires, come back in 5,000 miles. I did, and he looked and repeated the same advice.

Since then I’ve gone back to patch a tire, to complain about a tire, or just to complain. He tells me the truth about his opinion of my car, and if it takes no time at all, he charges me nothing. If it takes time, or tools, or tires, he charges. I have never once compared his price to one down the street. I know I can buy cheaper tires, and sometimes get quicker service, and often from a guy who doesn’t look like he’s been working in the heat all day. But it no longer matters. I will not run the risk of going somewhere I don’t know and hope they will tell me the absolute truth about the problem, or where I have to wonder whether he has his mortgage payment in mind, or my tires.

If my law office wants to know something about professionalism, I will tell anyone interested to check his tires in Seminole, and hope he or she can figure out why I sent him there. It doesn’t matter whether you sell real estate, legal advice, or tires. I want our office and our area to create a name for itself taken from good people who work for a living, and whose conduct of their business lets you know that they respect their customer (client), and themselves by dealing honestly every day.

If you get to Seminole, say hello to Terry.