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Blog Posts in 2016

  • Merry Christmas from Chesser & Barr, P.A.

    Our team at Chesser & Barr, P.A. would like to wish our clients and our entire Okaloosa County community a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As we look back at 2016, our team is proud of the work we have done with the individuals, families, and businesses throughout Shalimar, Crestview, and our surrounding neighborhoods. We look forward to partnering with more of our clients next year and ...
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  • Common Holiday Visitation Schedule Issues

    Although the holiday season is meant to be enjoyed by spending time with friends and family, the stress associated with this time of year is often underestimated. For newly divorce parents trying to juggle a new post-divorce life and visitation schedules, the holidays can be especially overwhelming. In this blog, our Okaloosa County divorce lawyers share some common obstacles recently divorced ...
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  • Why Inspection Protection is Better than a Spouse in the House

    Ladies, I feel your pain. Before you married your spouse, you checked him out. You knew what a great deal you were getting. Then, over years, you discovered that your “great deal” takes entirely too much time in the bathroom, seldom cleans up his space, and drinks like your gas tank. Part of the pain is that there isn’t much you can do about your misjudgment. He might even have had all those ...
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  • Great Time to Buy

    What a wonderful time of year! The air is crisp. Sunsets are gorgeous. Friends gather to celebrate the holidays. And the election is over. It is my favorite time of year for an evening stroll through my neighborhood adjacent to Interstate 10. This season, one particular sign repeatedly catches my eye: a red speech balloon that screams “GREAT TIME TO BUY!” I asked the listing agent Casey Owens of ...
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  • When Close is Not Enough

    No one has ever begged me to write an article on the construction lien law. My last article was about legal fees, and, like Superman in the presence of kryptonite, I had a moment of weakness in the presence of that subject. In that moment, and in the last article, I promised to write about construction liens. In my defense, I really believe licensed builders and subcontractors need to know how to ...
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  • Attorney Ashley Rogers Receives 850 Magazine Pinnacle Award

    Chesser & Barr, P.A. is proud to announce that Attorney Ashley B. Rogers has been selected by 850 Business Magazine as a Pinnacle Award honoree. Each year, the publication awards the accolade to 10 women in Northwest Florida who have "distinguished themselves in business and as community leaders." The Pinnacle Awards are presented by 850—The Business Magazine of Northwest Florida and are sponsored ...
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  • Rich man, Poor man, Businessman, Grief; A Primer on the Costs of Litigation

    The first rule of litigation is that when a rich man goes to court against a poor man, only one thing can happen. The rich man will lose. He might not lose the lawsuit, but generally he will pay his lawyer. He may get a judgment against the other guy, and the poor man may even be instructed to pay the rich man’s lawyer. But a man with no assets will pay no legal fees, and he can’t even be made to ...
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  • You Want to do What?

    I once had a woman call me who introduced herself by saying, “I am the smartest person you have spoken to all day!” Fortunately, someone who introduces herself like that isn’t looking for a response. I didn’t know what to say. I thought maybe she had been asked to lead the discussion group at a Mensa meeting. Instead, she had closed the book on another day of buying and then reselling foreclosed ...
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  • Attorney Mike Chesser Secures $1.2 Million Settlement

    Attorney Mike Chesser helped his client, an ex-policeman, reach a $1.2 million settlement after being unjustly fired by the mayor of Valparaiso. According to an article in The Bay Beacon, the suit was originally filed in 2011 by Attorney Chesser’s client, who was dismissed as police captain after voicing complaints regarding municipal code-enforcement practices. A majority of the settlement was ...
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  • If a Lawyer can't help his friend, who can he help?

    By now you know the setting for this question. Robert owns a parcel which he uses for both residential and commercial purposes. The buildings have serious structural deficiencies that are not obvious to one not familiar with the property, but that Robert and his friends know very well. His circle of friends includes a real estate broker and a lawyer. Robert wants to sell the property to get away ...
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  • Chesser & Barr, P.A. Receives 2015 Fund President's Circle Award

    The Attorney’s Title Fund Services, LLC recently awarded Chesser & Barr, P.A. with the 2015 Fund President’s Circle Award, recognizing the firm’s outstanding commitment to the real estate practice. The Fund President’s Circle is made up of leaders in the legal profession who are in the highest echelons of excellence and merit. Firms who are selected as members of this prestigious association ...
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  • What Must A Realtor Disclose, And Why?

    Remember from my last article that the law provides that a seller of Residential Property must disclose unknown defects to a purchaser. The facts were that Robert lives on a parcel that has a small bait and tackle shop and his residence, located on the River. Robert has lived and worked on the property for many years. You are his Realtor, and has been your friend for many years. He has grown tired ...
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  • Attorney J. Michael Hamby Gives Back with Healthy Start Coalition

    In addition to the numerous ways Chesser & Barr, P.A. gives back to the community, one of the firm’s very own is giving back to soon-to-be mothers and their families. As Chairperson of Okaloosa-Walton Counties’ Healthy Start Coalition, Attorney J. Michael Hamby of Chesser & Barr, P.A. helps to provide education, resources, and psychosocial support for mothers and their families. The coalition is ...
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  • Chesser & Barr, P.A. Receives 2016 Legal Elite Award

    Chesser & Barr, P.A. is a recipient of Corp America’s 2016 Legal Elite Award for “Best Real Estate Litigation Firm.” This distinct honor is awarded to firms, teams, and highly respected attorneys who showcase unwavering commitment to the field. Corp America is a leading magazine in the U.S. business market industry with over 254,000 subscribers and its readers include CEOs, partners, litigators, ...
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  • Your Everyday, Garden Variety, Riddle for Lawyers

    Robert lives on a parcel that has a small bait and tackle shop and his separate residence, located on the Choctawhatchee River. Robert has lived and worked on the property for many years, and has been your friend for many years. He has grown tired of resurrecting the property annually because the river floods, damaging both buildings and the land. He does such a good job repairing the damage that ...
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