Common Holiday Visitation Schedule Issues

Although the holiday season is meant to be enjoyed by spending time with friends and family, the stress associated with this time of year is often underestimated. For newly divorce parents trying to juggle a new post-divorce life and visitation schedules, the holidays can be especially overwhelming. In this blog, our Okaloosa County divorce lawyers share some common obstacles recently divorced parents may face when it comes to holiday custody and visitation schedules.

Does my holiday schedule change if my existing visitation order changes?

If you and your ex-spouse are planning to change your existing order, it’s important to remember that the modifications and changes made will replace the current agreement you two have. If the visitation and custody order you two share is working, it’s recommended that you leave the order as is. The court will usually intervene if parents are struggling to come to an agreement on the custody and visitation of their child.

What do I do if it’s my holiday but my ex-spouse’s weekend?

Holiday visitation trumps regular parenting weekend. If you find that your holiday falls on a weekend that would ordinarily be your spouse’s to spend with your child, your child should be in your custody no later than the night before.

Can my ex-spouse take me to court if I don’t agree to change the schedule?

If you’re feeling pressure from your ex to change your visitation schedule, or if you feel as though you’re being taken advantage of in your current order, you should not hesitate to retain proper representation to protect your rights as a parent. At Chesser & Barr, P.A., our Okaloosa County divorce attorneys understand that your children are worth fighting for – we work close with our clients to ensure that a reasonable arrangement is created that encourages cooperation from both parties.

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