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  • You Will Never Have Enough!

    Of What Commodity Can It Truly Be Said, “You Will Never Have Enough”? This article has been written 3 times. The first draft talks about “Stand Your Ground Law”, and the second about life in a Florida high rise condominium. Both articles are on the cutting room floor, having been squeezed out by the urgency of the message presented here. Before I begin, let me say thanks, again to my friends in ...
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  • Riddle Me This: When Can A House Never Be A Home?

    A townhouse in Florida is a unit in a building with one or more floors located on a parcel of land in which fee simple title to the land is conveyed with each unit. The unit is like a slice of bread in a loaf. It differs from a condominium, although often they look exactly alike. A townhouse is most often documented under Chapter 720 of the Florida Statutes. A condominium normally has no land ...
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  • Hell in a Very Small Space

    Because some zoning ordinances permit a greater number of condominium units per acre than townhouses, even though there is no structural difference, several years ago developers rushed to use small shards of property within city blocks to build tiny condominiums. My plea to planning officials everywhere is that the laws, regulations, and personalities involved in a condominium are so complex that ...
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  • Do We Really Want Less Government?

    Last year I found myself in a debate with a State Legislator before a group of college students. There was no announced subject, but our discussion shortly became my rebuttal to his opening declaration that “we all know we need less government, less regulation, and less restrictions on our lives. That’s the American way.“ I did, and do, respect both the speaker and the opinion, so it was not easy ...
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  • HOA And Condominium Management

    This article has urged readers to be active about enforcing HOA and Condominium documents. Boards of Directors have a fiduciary duty to do that, and to maintain common areas. Their legal duties also include the collection of assessments, equally, from all members. Today’s highly leveraged market makes the process of collection of those assessments critical, and sometimes both difficult and ...
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