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Blog Posts in 2002

  • Does It Matter Who Closes My Real Estate Deal?

    Every title company can write title insurance. The company is in business because some insurance underwriter agreed to let that company be its agent. Because the company can legally write title insurance for a title insurance underwriter, the company is in a position to do those closings that title insurance companies may legally do. A title company is legally permitted to prepare only those ...
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  • Why Not Own The Title Company?

    How many times has someone asked me, “don’t you want to sell me a piece of the Title Company.” This question is asked to me because, together with a person a whole lot more competent to run a title company than I, I own Old South Land Title Company in Niceville and Shalimar. The question is always asked by someone in some field of the real estate business, and always with the theory that they ...
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