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Blog Posts in July, 2016

  • Attorney Mike Chesser Secures $1.2 Million Settlement

    Attorney Mike Chesser helped his client, an ex-policeman, reach a $1.2 million settlement after being unjustly fired by the mayor of Valparaiso. According to an article in The Bay Beacon, the suit was originally filed in 2011 by Attorney Chesser’s client, who was dismissed as police captain after voicing complaints regarding municipal code-enforcement practices. A majority of the settlement was ...
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  • If a Lawyer can't help his friend, who can he help?

    By now you know the setting for this question. Robert owns a parcel which he uses for both residential and commercial purposes. The buildings have serious structural deficiencies that are not obvious to one not familiar with the property, but that Robert and his friends know very well. His circle of friends includes a real estate broker and a lawyer. Robert wants to sell the property to get away ...
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