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Blog Posts in June, 2017

  • Summer Break Custody

    Divorce is difficult for many people, but one of the things that can complicate it the most is when a couple shares children. While some people get to divorce and never need to see their ex again, parents need to keep seeing their co-parents whenever children switch from the custody of one to the other. Before parents even divorce, therefore, one of the most helpful ways to avoid conflict is to ...
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  • Preparing for a High-Asset Divorce

    Divorce is rarely easy for anyone, but the process can be incredibly complex and draw out if at least one of the spouses is a person of high net worth. A person of high net worth is considered anyone who has at least $1 million in liquid assets, which means it can be converted to cash at any time. High-asset divorces, therefore, are more complicated during the property division process because ...
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  • Was Diogenes Searching for Insurance?

    By now you have noticed a didactic pattern in these articles: I try to leave you with a little something that will add to your day if your day has anything to do with real estate. This article is no different. The way I get property insurance is by calling my insurance agent and saying something like… “this is the property, give me your best price…(after a pause) please.” I might then hint that ...
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  • Homeowner’s Association Disputes

    According to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, there are an estimated 12,000 homeowners’ associations in the state. With so many associations, it is not entirely surprising that some of them end up mistreating homeowners, resulting in disputes. This is particularly an issue in Florida where homeowner’s associations tend to wield a lot of power, occasionally forming ...
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