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  • Your Rights When You Are Pulled Over

    Very few experiences in life create the apprehension that comes when being pulled over by the police. The first thing most drivers think about is what they have done to be stopped. Others just wonder what the officer wants. And some obviously worry when they are in violation of the law in any manner. Remember that while officers can issue a verbal warning, reminding a driver to abide by the law, ...
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  • The Penalties for Underage Drinking & Driving in Florida

    Each March, weary college students close their textbooks and flock to their favorite destination locations to relax, party, and recharge for the upcoming school weeks. With its gorgeous beaches, world-famous attractions, and rocking nightlife scene, it’s easy to see why Florida is considered one of the most popular spots for both local and vacationing spring breakers. However, before you take a ...
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