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Blog Posts in 2000

  • A Sharper Image

    The words “primary” and “secondary” are probably commonplace if you build booster rockets for the Saturn 5. They may also be common if you assign beneficiaries in a life insurance policy. The words are also important in title insurance. At Old South Land Title, and in my law office, we decide about once a week whether a title policy is to be primary or secondary. That is a several-thousand-dollar ...
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  • If A Tree Falls In The Woods, Which Way Will It Fall?

    Real estate developers and builders have every reason to predict the course of future development of northwest Florida. They will buy and sell tracts of land, buildings, and machines, based on what they think is about to happen. Some they will get right, and some they will miss. I have my own projections about development, and I intend to get them right. Understand that I have cheated. I have as ...
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