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Blog Posts in 2005

  • When Little Things Grow To Big Things

    One of the pedestrian requirements of life is running a small non-profit association. We have them because they are necessary. Churches, condominiums, and homeowner associations all have non-profit corporate charters. When they are small and have almost no budget, such corporations offer no public recognition, and few will even know they exist. They are not fun. They are dangerous. In the last few ...
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  • The Goose Is Not Dead

    Those who say the real estate market is dead are wrong. The real estate flipping market may be dead, but that market should never be confused with the profession we all share, that of understanding, dealing every day, and in my case closing, real estate. Traditional real estate professionals, both brokers and sales people, realize that the real real estate market involves such concepts as ...
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  • Whom Does The Closing Agent Protect?

    Anyone who has ever gone through a busy intersection when the power was down knows what a traffic cop does. Cars come from every direction, all of them in a hurry, all of them important, all of them scurrying somewhere. An efficient, clear, methodical police officer is like someone placed an angel at that intersection. A closing agent in real estate is that, and more. Every realtor is in a hurry ...
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  • Arbitration, Or Not

    Every printed form real estate contract calls for mediation, and if it fails, arbitration. The standard bromide to explain the push to arbitrate is that courts take a long time, cost a lot of money, and the only one who makes money in a court proceeding is the lawyer. This article asks the question whether that explanation is really true, and whose goose gets cooked by arbitration? The procedures ...
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  • The Real Estate Flip-a Coin With Two Sides

    Chapters have been written about the warnings implied by the real estate “flip.” The flip is exactly what it sounds like. It is the sale of a contract to buy property before the contract closes, or resale of property immediately after closing. The flip is accomplished by assigning the contract between purchasers before closing, or by the purchaser actually taking title and then selling ...
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