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Blog Posts in February, 2003

  • When is "Location" Not the Only Important Word?

    This article is about Florida real estate. More specifically, this article is about Florida condominiums and the things we do wrong. Proposed condominium properties are marketed based on a prospectus. The prospectus follows Florida law, and if read carefully by someone who reads them every day and if the document is not intentionally un-understandable, the prospectus will reveal some of what the ...
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  • How Much Profit Is Enough?

    In America, business moves, or doesn’t move, because of profit our system is founded on the belief that individual effort is directly related to the available reward. Other systems start with a different presumption. The difference between them is only money.. We make heroes of those who best understand the relationship between initiative and profit; We value those most who make the most money. ...
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