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Father Visitation Rights in Florida

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The relationship a father has with his child is precious and when that relationship is threatened, it can be emotionally devastating. The termination of a marriage can often leave the father concerned over what visitation rights he has with his child.

At Chesser & Barr, P.A. our team of dedicated family lawyers can help fight for your visitation rights and work towards a visitation schedule that doesn’t break the bond you share with your child. These orders are often difficult to navigate without the assistance of a skilled legal professional – at our firm, you can trust that we will stand by you through every step.

What rights do fathers have?

There seems to be a public perception that the court will automatically grant the mother visitation rights and leave the father shortchanged. The state of Florida, however, has departed from that antiquated ideal and now gives fathers just as many visitation rights that they allow mothers.

If the mother and father cannot come into an agreement over a proper visitation schedule, the court will then step in and give both parties a set schedule they are obligated to follow. Should either spouse violate the order, they can be penalized for visitation restriction.

Father visitation rights in Florida include the following:

  • Phone contact
  • Internet contact
  • Physical contact

We Will Proudly Stand By You

The importance of a father-child relationship cannot be stressed enough – as a father, you provide emotional and financial support that is crucial for his or her development. At Chesser & Barr, P.A., our Okaloosa County family lawyers treat clients with a level of respect one would expect from a close family member or friend. We understand what’s at stake, and our firm will work tirelessly to protect the relationship you have with your child.

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