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Custody battles are not always between two parents. In some cases, when both parents do not serve the best interest of the child, grandparents will petition to the court for a custody order. If you’re seeking custody of a grandchild, you should do so with a trusted member of our legal team on your side.

At Chesser & Barr, P.A., we understand the fight for protecting a loved one. You want what is best for your grandchild, and we make your case our priority. At our firm, you can trust that you’ll receive the undivided attention you need and deserve.

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What do grandparents need to prove when seeking custody?

As with most child custody cases, the courts will prioritize the child’s best interest. As a grandparent, you must be able to prove that the child’s parents are unfit for raising the child. When weighing factors on a custody order, the court will listen to the wishes of the parents, and the child – if he or she is old enough to speak in court. If there are any signs of emotional or physical abuse, neglect, or addiction, the judge will take that into consideration as well.

Courts will consider the following factors when deciding on custody

  • Whether both parents are deceased
  • Whether both parents are incarcerated
  • The child’s mental health and wellbeing
  • The relationship between the child and the grandparent

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