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Are you facing a divorce? Do you have concerns about your future? Your child's future? The well-being of your family? If so, then Chesser & Barr, P.A. is ready to hear your story. Our experienced and dedicated Shalimar divorce attorneys have been helping Okaloosa County clients and client families navigate divorce since 1978. We know what challenges and concerns they face and how to proactively address them both in and outside the courtroom.

Our team is well-versed in all aspects of divorce in Florida:

You and your children do not have to face this uncertain time without knowledgeable and compassionate advocates by your side. Call us today.

Why Choose Chesser & Barr, P.A.?

When faced with a divorce, it's easy to feel overwhelmed with your choices in counsel. Few Florida firms, however, are prepared to match the thorough and insightful approach Chesser & Barr, P.A. is ready to provide your case.

Why is Chesser & Barr, P.A. the right choice?

  • We bring decades of legal experience to our clients' cases.
  • We're dedicated to providing responsive, attentive counsel that puts our clients' needs first.
  • We're results-driven and ensure that our clients are always aware of their legal options.
  • We have convenient office locations in both Shalimar and Crestview.
  • We offer confidential consultations to start every case.

No matter what divorce goals you might have or what complications you believe you will face, Chesser & Barr, P.A. is ready to stand with you during this difficult process. Do you have questions about your legal options in your upcoming divorce? Have concerns about what your or your child's life will be like once your marriage is dissolved? Our firm is ready to speak with you.

Don't face this uncertain time without the answers and counsel you need. Call us today to request an initial case evaluation.


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    We make sure you don't lose sleep- you have our permission to leave your worries at the door.

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    We represent clients in various levels of court and focus on obtaining a favorable outcome.

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    We prepare every case thoroughly and diligently to ensure the most cost-conscious results.

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    We help clients stay centered on practical solutions while offering superior legal representation.

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    We help people navigate difficult situations so they have a caring, diligent advocate.

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