Discussing Your Divorce with Your Children

Divorce is a stressful and emotionally draining experience for all parties involved, especially if children are part of the family. Each parent must undergo a complicated and contested legal process while raising and comforting the kids.

Enduring a divorce with children is an arduous challenge. However, not only does talking to your children about divorce help them prepare for a new chapter in life, but doing so can also help you develop a stronger relationship with them.

The following are tips to help you discuss your divorce with your kids:

  • Break the news together. Since both parents will continue to raise the children together after a divorce agreement is made, together they must also inform the kids about the imminent divorce. The children are able to hear both sides of the story, while the parents can learn how they can be cooperative in the future.
  • Be honest. If you have children nearing their teenage years, it is important to disclose the truth about the end of the marriage. However, do not provide intricate details or pit one spouse against the other. Furthermore, if they have any questions, let them know that they are more than welcome to ask away.
  • Let your kids express themselves. Whether it’s yelling in angry or crying in sadness, prepare yourself for a variety of emotional responses from your children. Tell them that you understand that it is very painful and inform them that it is not their fault that mom and dad are ending their marriage. Do your best to comfort them as much as necessary.
  • Talk about how divorce will affect them. Discuss how the divorce will change how often they will see both parents, where they will live, and where they will go to school.
  • Let them know that both parents will always love them. While everything in the family is going to change, what remains the same is the love both parents have for their children. The most important thing to remember about your children is their need for love and security. As long as both parents will remain involved in their lives, they will be ready for change.

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