Should I Sell My Wedding Ring?

Selling your wedding ring following a divorce is ultimately a personal choice. Some people choose to keep the jewelry as a final keepsake because they cannot bring themselves to completely eradicate this part of their lives. A wedding ring serves as a reminder of what once was, and as such, it can be a special memento for many. If there are no hard feelings regarding the marriage, many people choose to keep their ring as an heirloom. However, not every divorce is this amicable.

In some divorces, what to do with the wedding ring is discussed as part of the division of assets. If a ring is worth a significant sum, neither side is generally willing to give it up to the other party, though rings are often treated as a gift in the eyes of the law--meaning your ex-spouse cannot demand you return it. In the case you are left with your wedding ring and feel no desire to keep it for the long run, you may consider selling it--either as a means of getting rid of it once and for all or to make some extra profit in what is a financially challenging time in your life.

Our Okaloosa County divorce attorneys of Chesser & Barr, P.A. believe there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to selling your wedding ring, as it is dependent on your specific situation. If you want to get the ring off your hands as quickly as possible without making any money from the ring, you can even choose to donate it.

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