Should I Move Out During Divorce?

Moving out in the midst of a divorce is an idea many couples consider, though determining whether this is the right move to make depends on your specific circumstances. There are both pros and cons when it comes to deciding to leave or deciding to stay. The truth of the matter is, not everyone has the ability to move out. Divorce is already a financially challenging period in one’s life and many people cannot afford to add on the expense of rent on top of everything else. There is also a question of who should move out of the comfort of their home, as neither party may be willing to budge in what causes yet another disagreement between an already feuding couple.

Another reason why people prefer not to leave the marital home is because of the impact it will have on the children. Sometimes, moving out can make you appear as though you are giving up your chances to see or being around your children, which can be used against you in the later process of determining timesharing with the child or child support. However, for couples who have the financial freedom to do so and do not share any children, moving out may make the entire divorce process easier to handle. It may prevent further arguments, awkward moments, and other disagreements which arise when two people who don’t want to be together must live in the same space.

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