Should I Involve an Attorney When I Buy or Sell My Home?

Buying and selling a home, for most, is typically the most expensive transaction they will ever be involved in. Therefore, you will want to make sure this process goes smoothly from start to finish. While a real estate agent can assist you in buying or selling your home, you have to keep in mind that they are not attorneys and lack some of the special skills, knowledge, and experience you could only find in a real estate attorney. The short answer is, yes, you should involve an attorney when buying or selling your home.

When you hire a real estate agent, he or she will be able to list and sell your property, and likely advise you to consult with experts to assess a property’s condition. However, real estate attorneys often work with such experts and can refer you to someone who is qualified and experienced, in addition to preparing offers, reviewing offers, and preparing counter-offers, or addendums to a sale. Basically, with a real estate attorney, you will obtain the legal assistance of someone who is more knowledgeable regarding the intricacies of real estate law.

Below are some of the other critical ways in which a real estate attorney can play a valuable role in your real estate transaction:

  • A real estate attorney will know about any current issues or new laws that could potentially affect a real estate transaction. He or she will be able to explain them to you and advise on issues such as loan disclosures, short sales, and foreclosures, to name a few.
  • If your transaction is in trouble, a real estate attorney can help resolve any potential threats that might jeopardize its success. For example, if a contractor was not yet paid by a seller for required repairs, your attorney could suggest that the amount owed could be held back in escrow from distribution.
  • Compared to real estate agents, a real estate attorney will have an unmatched level of experience. They are involved in hundreds of sales and often attend seminars or even teach about real estate sales and how to resolve complex issues, such as those involving a disclosure, escrow challenges, or problems that involve the buyer’s lender when a loan is necessary for funding a sale.

A real estate agent is not only limited in the services he or she can provide, but the fee is often higher since they earn a commission, which is based on the price of the real estate property. Additionally, many of the problems and difficulties that are often encountered in real estate transactions can be dealt with early on, or avoided entirely, if a real estate attorney is hired from the beginning. Instead of wasting time and money, make sure you involve an attorney in your next real estate transaction.

Real Estate Attorneys in Okaloosa County

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