A Lawyers' Invitation

The lawyers in Okaloosa and Walton Counties who practice real estate law are coming together to form a Real Estate Council. The first meeting of that council will occur on April 11 at 10:30 am in the Fort Walton Beach offices of the Board of Realtors, 10 Hollywood Blvd SE. At 11:00 on that morning, attorney Melissa Murphy from Orlando will talk to the group about cyber security and cybercrime, a discussion of urgent importance to anyone involved in the closing business.

We are having the meeting at your house, Realtors, because we want you to attend. We have also invited the BIA (builders) who have a common interest in the specifics of real estate closings, and lenders who are members of ECAR or BIA.

This is the initial meeting of the Real Estate Council. We plan these meetings to occur regularly for two purposes. The first is to bring together those most involved in real estate closings; the second is to provide continuing education on matters of common interest.

Realtors and builders will receive a specific notice of the meeting, and you may register through your association. Any person who would like to attend may also register by email message to Sarah@chesserbarr.com.