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  • Selective Enforcement as a Defense

    What is “selective enforcement”? For almost a thousand years, and up until almost the 20 th century, England tried hard to tame the unruly Irish. The Penal Act made their religion a crime, punishable at the King’s discretion. Sometimes the King decided the punishment was beheading, sometimes he made no punishment at all. That’s selective enforcement. Is there any mystery that Thomas Jefferson ...
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  • Mediation: "Collaborate Early; Save Time, Money, and Heartache"

    Twenty days ago Amelia and Adam Buyer went out for a celebratory dinner at their all-time favorite restaurant in the heart of Crestview, having just entered a contract, with the help of their Realtor, to purchase their lakefront dream home in Okaloosa County. Because Randy Seller was relocating within the next sixty days, he was motivated to price his home for a quick sale. He, too, was ecstatic ...
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  • A Deed Not For the Birds

    Some of you may be familiar with a document called a “Ladybird Deed,” and although the topic of deeds may not be as exciting as discussing the newest episode of Game of Thrones , I encourage you to read on because this is one powerful little document that can save time and money. Most people have heard the term “Quit Claim Deed” which (stated briefly) is a deed used to add or remove someone from ...
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  • The Dangers of Using Social Media During a Divorce

    Social media is everywhere these days and more adults than ever are flocking to these platforms, from Facebook to Instagram, to share some of the most intimate details of their lives. While this might be a fun way to stay connected with friends and family, it can do quite a bit of damage during a divorce. Everything you share can be forged into the perfect weapon to be used against you in court. ...
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  • Retroactive Child Support

    In Florida, both parents are legally responsible for supporting their minor children. In some cases, when a divorce might have dragged on for a prolonged amount of time, it is possible that the finalized child support order might reflect payments that are designated as retroactive. It is important to note that these retroactive payments are not considered past due, though they can become past due ...
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  • Preparing for a High-Asset Divorce

    Divorce is rarely easy for anyone, but the process can be incredibly complex and draw out if at least one of the spouses is a person of high net worth. A person of high net worth is considered anyone who has at least $1 million in liquid assets, which means it can be converted to cash at any time. High-asset divorces, therefore, are more complicated during the property division process because ...
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  • Was Diogenes Searching for Insurance?

    By now you have noticed a didactic pattern in these articles: I try to leave you with a little something that will add to your day if your day has anything to do with real estate. This article is no different. The way I get property insurance is by calling my insurance agent and saying something like… “this is the property, give me your best price…(after a pause) please.” I might then hint that ...
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  • Homeowner’s Association Disputes

    According to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, there are an estimated 12,000 homeowners’ associations in the state. With so many associations, it is not entirely surprising that some of them end up mistreating homeowners, resulting in disputes. This is particularly an issue in Florida where homeowner’s associations tend to wield a lot of power, occasionally forming ...
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  • How to Get a Restraining Order in Florida

    A restraining order, or an injunction for protection as they are referred to in Florida, is issued by a civil court, ordering the person against whom it is filed to refrain from either contacting you, your children, or being within a specified distance of you. To obtain a restraining order, it is important to understand the requirements and the steps one must take to proceed with this process. The ...
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  • Attorney Ashley Rogers is now a Certified Circuit Mediator

    Chesser & Barr, P.A. is proud to announce Attorney Ashley Rogers is now a Certified Circuit Mediator. Attorney Rogers is a shareholder of the firm and holds many other accomplishments. To read more visit Attorney Rogers profile page by clicking here .
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  • Silver Award-Winning Law Firm in Emerald Coast, FL

    The Finest on the Emerald Coast Award is a prestigious ranking system for all of the best businesses in Emerald Coast, FL—and we at Chesser & Barr, P.A. are incredibly proud to have won Silver out of the law firms in this year’s contest! We take this accolade seriously, and it is thanks to our hard work, dedication, and passion that we owe this great accomplishment. Since this award is distributed ...
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  • What You Must Know About Flood Insurance

    Generally speaking, get some. Fortunately, most of us are in areas not prone to flood, but because of federal subsidies for the cost, the insurance will be cheap. For those of us on the coast, or close to rivers or other flood prone areas, then your mortgage requires it. Flood insurance also makes good business sense because, in light of losses, it’s far cheaper than it should be. The flood area ...
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  • Real Estate Development Risk Assessment

    Real estate development is a complicated, multi-step process that can take years. From the initial planning stage through completion, those who wish to turn an old building or piece of property into a good investment can encounter plenty of obstacles along the way. Development projects can provide people with the opportunity to deliver a new product that doesn’t currently exist into a market, ...
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  • How to Best Prepare for an Adoption

    You have finally decided to make the jump into adoption. Raising an adopted child can be one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding experiences; and no matter how long you anticipate the moment, you need to be prepared for when your child first comes home. Here are a few tips to best prepare for an adoption. Break Down Adoption Process into a Checklist While many agencies outline the ...
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  • Overview of Homestead Exemptions in Florida

    Unlike other states, Florida offers significant financial benefits to homeowners who choose to live in the state permanently, through a real estate provision known as homestead exemption. Learn more about homestead exemptions and if you qualify by reading below. What Is a Homestead Exemption? A homeowner in Florida can file for a homestead exemption worth up to $50,000. This exemption reduces the ...
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